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Document Rewind allows authorized users to undo prior signing events, make corrections, and send the document back for re-signing. This is an incredibly powerful feature designed to reduce the need to delete incorrect documents to correct simple mistakes, and to simplify resubmission. In addition, rewind allows organizations to capture both structured and unstructured data regarding the reason for needing to rewind the document. This data can be leveraged for LEAN processing analysis and initiatives.

Enhanced rewind allows users with the appropriate permission to Rewind the document back to any prior level, provided the document has not been completed. In addition, the individual rewinding the document can make corrections for any of the prior signers. When corrections are made for a previous signer, the record of these events are recorded in the Document Details.

Completed documents must be cancelled and re-published.



There are two security permissions and one company setup used to enable Rewind:


  1. Can_Rewind_For_Company A user with this permission can rewind any incomplete document within their company.
  2. Can_Rewind_If_Signer A user with this permission can only rewind an incomplete document if they are a signer on the document.




Rewind is a simple procedure with an interface that guides the user through the process. The appropriate user permissions must be set before the user will see the rewind button.

A user with the appropriate permissions will see the Rewind icon (backward icon) inside the Three dot icon's options.

*note: To find the rewind icon, you will need to open/view your document first.


Rewind Reason

The rewind and correct panel will appear. On this panel they select which signer they would like to rewind the signature for, and indicate if they would like to make corrections prior to sending the document back to previous signer.

Here the user may select the reason from the drop down list, add additional comments regarding the rewind, and write an email to the individual who will be notified that they must sign the document again. *note: You will be required to put Rewind Reason, Comments, Subject and Message.


If you would like to rewind the agreement to Draft, choose Draft then press Rewind Button.

*note: If you rewind your agreement to Draft, all of the signature blocks that were signed will be empty again; The signature blocks of the 1st, 2nd...etc, will need to be signed again.



Wait for the message, "Document Successfully rewound". Make sure to press OK button, as this will complete the process. If you refresh the page without pressing the "OK button", your document will not be rewound.



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