First-time signing and registration

If you have been sent an email to sign a form for the first time,  upon attempting to sign you will be presented with a registration panel to set up your profile, signature, as well as a password for signing at a later date without having to register again.

Agreement Express hosts a great variety of signing processes, so the form that is sent to you may be different depending on who sent it to you, but the process of registration is the same for everyone.


1) The email will be different depending on who sent it to you, but it will usually indicate an attachment - to access it, there will usually be a button or url that can be clicked. For example, this is the default look:

Clicking on "View Document", "welcomeagreement.pdf", or copy-pasting the included url into the address bar are all valid ways to access the agreement.

Important note: Please allow pop-ups for the Agreement Express session.

2) Upon launching the agreement, you may be prompted to do various things, such as fill in text fields, select checkboxes, etc. However, in the end you will be prompted to click on a signature block that contains your email address. It will look like this:

Upon clicking on this block, you will be prompted to register your new account. If you are not prompted with a registration, but are instead asked for a password, that means that your account is already registered within our system from when another agreement may have been signed within our system.

The registration looks like this:




Two ways to create your digital signature:

  • Through mobile number – Put your Mobile number and you will receive a link for “digital signature creation”


  • Your phone should be connected to internet.
  • Make sure that the mobile number is your personal mobile number (related to the email-address).


  • Through your desktop/laptop – Below the “Mobile Number” field, there is a checkbox with a message “I do not have a touchscreen mobile device”. Put a check on it, then input your country/province/city and press Continue. You will be prompted with a blank box for your digital signature (and another small box for initial in the next page).

*note: You will be able to create a digital signature using a mouse or a touchscreen laptop/monitor.


3.) After pressing the OK button, please don’t forget to press the “Save and Send” Button when you return to the welcome registration form; This button will complete the processor of your welcome registration.


If you encounter any error in the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact Agreement Express Support.

Please email us at, and this will automatically create a ticket to us. Or you can call us at Toll Free No. +1-877-247-3397.


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