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It is important to log your questions and issues in a central place. We use an online tool called Zendesk for this purpose. This guide is designed to assist in using Zendesk for logging issues, asking about functionality, or other questions you may have for the Agreement Express Support team.


You can submit a ticket in two ways:

A. Go to:

and submit a new ticket request.  



B. Send an email to, and this will automatically create a ticket to us.

For urgent issues or inquiries, you can call us at 1-877-247-3397.


Zendesk Ticket - Template guideline:

*For Advance user (Advisors/Company Admin) -  Link

*For End user/clientLink

*note: You can download this template and answer the applicable questions. Please attach it to Option A (our Support site), or Option B (Email: send via


Clarifications on Severity: 

Severity 1 (Critical) - Service outages. Majority of users within an organization are affected. They cannot use one or more critical functionalities.  

Severity 2 (Major) - Platform issues. Many users within an organization are affected. They cannot use one or more non-critical functionalities. 

Severity 3 (Minor) - Single issues. Less than a handful of users cannot use a non-critical functionality. Issues are intermittent and inconsistent, including one-offs.

Severity 4 (Cosmetic) - Issues that do not impede user's ability to use the platform.


*FYI - Each user has their own role and permission. So it is good to have an idea on what kind of role you currently have. see the type of roles below:

User: This role can only open/sign agreements (Normally, the end user/client) from an email that a publisher sent. They are not able to log into the agreement manager.

Publisher: Publishers can publish documents but are limited to only being able to view documents they've published or signed themselves. (A security role can be assigned to give them the ability to see all agreements.) Publishers have no access to add, edit or remove department groups.

Company Administrator: This role allows you to see all agreements in the company and can add/edit/delete users and department groups.



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