Administrator - Templates

The Templates section of the Administrator window enables Company Admins to manage templates and edit them. Templates are the pre-defined forms that the company uses to drive its workflows. 

To access the Templates section from the workspace, click on the Rubik's cube icon on the top-right of the page and click on "Administrator". From there, navigate to the Templates section on the left side:

Adding templates from this window is currently not possible, but will be made available in due time. At this time, only existing templates can be modified.

To change the settings on a template, simply click on the row representing the desired template to be presented with a panel containing its details:

From here, several actions can be performed.

  • File name can be changed.
  • Background resolution can be changed
  • Tags can be added or removed, which will apply those tags to any agreements generated from the template
  • Saved versions can be restored from history, which is useful to roll back undesired changes
  • The template can be used to overwrite a different template
  • The template can be deactivated, rendering it unusable

Any deactivated templates will still be accessible in the "De-activated" section. From there it can be selected and re-activated.

Modules are a way of adding additional functionality to a template that does not exist in the core experience. Details on how to do this will be made available in due time.

To edit the contents of the template itself, there is a button to open the template editor:

The template editor is powered by Flash, so your browser needs to be Flash-capable, and must have Flash enabled for Agreement Express. 

The pencil button will open the template in the template builder, which is a newer version of our template editor. This does not work for some older templates.

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