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Transactions are the defined workflow in which user interaction and dataflow works. Transactions can be accessed and configured through the Administrator section by clicking on the Rubik's cube button at the top-right of the workspace, then clicking on "Administrator" and navigating to the "Transactions" section:

To create a new Transaction, click the magenta FAB to get prompted with a panel to define a new transaction:

Name can be anything you want, but it will be visible on the workspace in several places, so it's best to make it presentable.

Reference ID can be anything, so long as it's unique (i.e. it can't be the same as a reference ID of an existing transaction)

Landing Page Setup defines how the landing pages (data entry forms) will look when opened in the viewer. Default will have a bar at the top of the screen with several options, while Full Screen will not. This can be changed later if the selected option isn't desired.

Display Card Type is what the transaction cards will look like for this transaction when listed in the workspace. Like the Landing Page Setup option, this can be changed at a later time if different effect is desired.

Once done, click save and this will add a new transaction to the list:

Clicking on the new entry will open up the settings that were chosen when created, but also provide a couple of additional functions:

- "Choose templates for bulk send csv" allows for configuration of the CSV schema that is used for bulk send. Because transactions can be dynamic, the schema can be different depending on what the active transaction contains. For basic setup, leaving it as Default is safe. 

- "Edit Workflow" is how the workflow is configured. From here, the templates for landing pages and signing package can be selected, as well as the transition logic and conditional factors (such as optional landing pages) can be defined. This will be explained in more depth in another article.

note: If "Edit Workflow" is not available, then the transaction was created through legacy technology and can't be configured through MV2. 

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