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Teams are a very useful way of organizing content over different departments. Accounts can be assigned to multiple teams to get visibility over reports, transactions, and other content, as well as give that user the ability to sign the team's department signatures.

A team can be added by clicking on the magenta FAB on the bottom-right of the Teams section. When clicked, a panel will appear to name the team and designate its type:

- Users type will allow for accounts to be assigned to the team

- Teams type will allow for other teams to be assigned to it (think of it as a folder system).

Once a Users team is created, it can be clicked to assign members:

To assign members, simply locate the account and select its checkbox. It will move to the top of the list. Upon saving, the changes get applied and the members of the team will receive the team's capabilities.

It is possible to delete a team by clicking the trash bin icon:

note: this will not delete the contained accounts, just the team itself. Please take care in doing this, as this may affect other pre-existing dependencies.

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