Personal Settings

Personal Settings can be accessed by clicking on the rubik’s cube button at the top-right of the of the workspace and selecting it:

This will open another tab which allows the user to modify several of their account settings.

Personal Details

This section allows the account’s owner to set several settings:

  • Default language will translate the user interface and workflow to the specified.
  • Default company can be used if the account is a publisher or administrator of multiple companies. The company that gets selected will be the one that user launches into upon their next login
  • Show Timezones as allows the account owner to change the timezone of the various timestamps accessible throughout the user interface. Setting this to Local time will render timestamps in the timezone of the viewer’s computer or device
  • Out of Office will enable out of office notifications to be sent out on behalf of the user
  • Edit Signature

Contact Details

This section can be used to update the phone number associated with the account.


Security Settings

In the security settings, it’s possible to reset the password, as well as the security questions associated with the account.

Salesforce Credentials

Some companies might have certain salesforce integrations and may require the user to store their Salesforce credentials within Agreement Express. This is where those credentials are entered.

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