Copying Existing ATAC Profiles

You may copy an existing profile by selecting that profile and then clicking on 'Copy Atac Profile'. In the new panel you can select which aspects of the profile you wish to copy. If you are looking to only create a few new profiles, enter the new names (separated by a comma) and click on Copy. If you are looking to create a lot you may upload a CSV file with a list of names. The CSV file should not contain any headers.

When uploading a CSV you can also specify KTOB tags you wish to add to each ATAC profile being created and specify whether that tag should allow the user to see others in the group or not. The KTOB tag must have already been created and view status must be included in the CSV for the tag to be attached to the profile. In the CSV the column order should be profile name, view status (1 for can see others, 0 for cannot) and then tags (separated by a comma).

Once all the profiles have been created you will receive a confirmation letting you know how many were successfully created and the profile list will be updated.

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