Agreement Express 12.8 Release Notes

Release date: August 24, 2016


13369 - Template Field Rule Improvements - Support for Extended Lookups

Support has been added for extended lookup tables in the template field rules engine, including the following:

  • Set a field value from an extended lookup table by matching  1 column.
  • Set a field value from an extended lookup table by matching  2 columns.
  • Set multiple field values by matching row or column from an extended lookup table.


14751 – Confirmation has been improved when changing values in extended lookups

The large alert window that would pop-up when you save a value change in the extended lookup has now been removed. 


14757 – System now prompts prior to deleting a lookup

A change has been made so that you will be prompted before any big change is made on a lookup.  When you try to delete a lookup you will be prompted and asked if you are sure you want to delete.


13794 – Any data field is now able function with only one constraint

An update has been made to allow for any data field to have only one constraint, without causing issues when saving that field.

14686 – Attachment filename now prevents you from entering more than the 50 characters allowed in the field

The filename field for attachments now prevents you from entering more than 50 characters.  Previously, you would be able to enter more than 50 characters in this filename field even though the field in the database is limited to 50 characters.  This would cause an error stating “Could not add this attachment”.


14765 – Attachments are now always shown in the attachments list.

A change has been made to make sure attachments always show up in the attachments list on left side menu of the document.


14839 – The “Compare Value” field no longer populates with the word “null” when left blank

When the “Compare Value” section of a Widget Events dialog box is left blank it will no longer be populated with the word “null” when the Save button is clicked.


14899 – The IP address of the signer is now being consistently tracked

A change has been made to improve how signers’ IP addresses are retrieved.  This change makes sure that the IP address of the signer is consistently tracked.


14955 – New users will now always be able to sign agreements.

A change has been made to correct an issue where new users were sometimes not able to sign agreements.

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