Agreement Express 12.7 Release Notes

Released 2016-08-10


Search Widget

The search widget allows an administrator to search existing transactions (to which he/she has access) and copy field data onto the opened transaction.

This is handled through a grid definition and mapping on the search widget. Multiple search widgets can be added to a landing page and more than one search widget can reference the same field.


First create your grid definition. This needs to contain any fields you wish to pull data from. Grid source should be 1. No other columns are required. You can also add filters to your grid definition to control the search results.

Then set up the fields on the template.

Drag the search widget onto your template. You will be immediately prompted to set the label.

Unlike buttons, the field name of a search widget can be anything as long as it’s unique. Once added, click on the search widget and under field properties click on Edit beside Field Mapping. Enter the grid definition name at the top and then you can start mapping the grid columns to the template fields.

The mapping will be used when performing the search and when copying field data to the transaction.

By default the search widget Results window just displays the transaction grid. If you would like you can set some text to appear above the grid using the Panel Information field property.

To Use:

An administrator just needs to fill in at least one field that is mapped with that search widget.

If the process hasn’t completed when the print button is clicked, the message below will appear, though its appearance will be rare.

If the process hasn’t completed when the print button is clicked, the message below will appear, though its appearance will be rare.


Nested Folder Exposure

Fixed exposure of nested folders in SIMQ Action Center


Grid Widget Dropdowns

Grid Widget dropdowns are no longer marked as required, after a value from a lookup is selected


Signing Gaps now Closing Correctly With V3 Publishing

Solved a problem like this scenario: A document has 3 signatures at signing level 1, 3, and 6. Upon signing, the gaps between 1 and 3, and between 3 and 6, should close so the result is signing levels 1, 2 and 3. Instead, they might become 1, 2, and 6, which would cause the system-workflow signature to get stuck at signing level 2, thus the level 6 signature could never be signed.


SimQ Manager Now Handling Delete Grid Definition Properly

If you have the ATAC permission you can delete grid definitions. This new fix prevents the interface from getting stuck at the “confirm action” window.

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