Agreement Express 12.6 Release Notes

Release date: July 27, 2016


13320 Ability to Add Custom CSS Class to an Image Widget

It’s been possible to add a style class via CSS to text boxes and dropdowns. Now the same functionality is available for images.

Additionally, you can add a class that will override the default tool tip, should you wish to change its text or look.



14477 Add Documents as Attachments by Specifying a Folder Name Within a Tag (publishing from Connector)

1. Create a folder within a company. Avoid using funny characters, spaces etc.
2. Folder name should be unique within company
3. Put some PDF templates WITHOUT signatures in the folder
4. In document that will be published from connector add a tag in this format [attach:foldername]
example: [attach:TERMSANDCONDITIONS]

When the document is sent to recipient, pdf files from folder will be added as attachments.



13702 Logging During Company Configuration Migration

Company Configuration Migration is now logged. A separate tab on the migration admin page will allow you to review both the summary and the detailed logs for past imports, including who performed them.



12677 Tab No longer Freezes on Timeline When Viewing New Transaction

The tab no longer freezes on timeline when you click on the transaction number of a transaction with a 'New' status. The calls are now asynchronous, allowing multiple calls to be made without worrying the browser will freeze up.


13321 Server Template Field Rules Now Always Execute With v3 Publishing

There have been fixes made to running template field rules on v3 publishing that ensure that server templates will always execute.


14285 Image Widget Improvement

When you call any variant of setFieldValueByName or setFieldValueById on image widgets, the value of the widget was getting updated but the html representation of the widget would not.

Now, setFieldValueById should only change the value of image widgets with the given id.

setFieldValueByName should update all image widgets with this name.


14327 Password Reset Emails

Password-reset emails are now always sent and are no longer affected when a user has no default language set.


14393 Departments are now Imported Correctly via Company Configuration Migration

In some cases, departments were not imported correctly. This corrects the error.

14396 Agreements With Signers Belonging to Multiple Departments at Multiple Signing Levels

Agreements weren't completing when a signer belonged to multiple departments at multiple levels on an agreement.

For example, if someone were a department signer for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, the agreement wouldn’t complete if Accounts Payable was a level 1 signer, and Accounts Receivable was a level 2 signer.

Now, agreements will complete even when a signer is part of multiple departments, at multiple signing levels.


14409 ATAC Tag Visibility

Fixed an issue where a user belonging to multiple ATAC groups with tags enabled, would only see transactions tagged for the first group.


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