Agreement Express 12.5 Release Notes

Release date: July 13, 2016


10790 –Change to the Edit Events Window (Flex)

In the Flex “Edit Events” window, you can now tab through the elements, rather than the tab autofocusing to the Save button.


13594 – Ability to Change “Template Creator”

Now you have the ability to change the creator of a template to another publisher or higher within a company. The new feature is useable after adding the user profile permission 'ALLOW_CHANGE_TEMPLATE_CREATOR'

When the sec permission is activated, an additional button next to JS library on template view will appear. The button is called Change Template Creator. Clicking will start the process.


You can also change the creator on multiple templates. Once selected, press the button and a panel launches. On the panel select from the drop down who new “creator” should be.

Even more, you can change all templates within the company that list “Creator “X” by using a new checkbox. As an example, select one template with an original creator of Use the checkbox to change the creator to abcd@hotmail.comail. All templates within the current selected company with original creator will change to the new creator

13962 – Redirect Users from an Inactive Company

Now there’s a company setup that will redirect a Publisher/Administrator when they try to log in to an inactive company.

When a user initiates a log-in event, this new feature will check if the user belongs to a company with this set-up activated, and has greater than user access to said company, and if said user is not a publisher/admin in another company. If these conditions are satisfied, the user is directed to an alternate URL instead of being logged in. The company setup value should ideally just be a URL to which the user is redirected.


Server Migration Utilities

13750 – Import Template Enhancements

Server Migration now allows templates to be imported from another company.

There’s also updated logic to account for GUID potentially changing Templates in Folders, Javascript Library Mapping, and template Field Rules


14107 – Javascript mapping now imported

Javascript Library Mapping will now be imported, and you won’t be faced with a situation where the mapping didn’t import.


12118 - French characters in E-ID fields and phone number now show correctly

We’ve added a function to replace special French characters for Equifax. Also updated are various Equifax regex, to strip all non-numeric characters from phone numbers (and in one instance SSN) instead of allowing '(-)'.



13742 - Out Of Office – Valid email address

The Out of Office email address must be a valid email address.



13795 - Grid Widget - Required fields not removed with row

When removing a grid widget row with required fields, the fields in the RequiredFields array are now removed too.



13957 - "Drag Signature Block" action

Now when using Drag Signature Block while using Internet Explorer, the feature will act as expected.



14118 – “Gestures Help” popup and email links

The Gestures box will now always display properly when opening an agreement from email.

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