Agreement Express 12.4 Release Notes

Release date: June 29, 2016


13310 – Importing and Exporting KTOBs

Added support for KTOBs and tags linked to ATAC Groups to Server Migration. Also fixed an issue where the server’s template field rules were trying to be applied to a template if it already existed on the server. It now checks if the template exists within the company first.


13557 – Sort Lookup Tables Alphabetically

Lookup tables are now ordered alphabetically in a template, in Company Setup in Flex, or elsewhere throughout the application.


13564 – Warn of Pop-up Blockers

When a user has pop-up blockers on, they will get the message "A popup blocker was detected. Please allow popups for Agreement Express"


13592 – Grid Filter for "Documents I have to sign now - department specific"

The ability to retrieve transaction lists by a specific department has been added. When you filter the grid by "ShowOnlyDocumentsThatUsersDepartmentCanSignNow" and the data parameter department name has been specified, the grid will filter all agreements that specific department needs to sign.

For this to work, on dashboard grid, you need to add the data parameter data-departmentName="The Department Name".


13616 – Two Factor Authentication for SIMQ

Two Factor Authentication for the SIMQ login has been implemented. There are two ways to enable it where the second factor is:

  • A code that is emailed or texted to the user, or

  • A persistent cookie that contains a code for multiple days


To enable Option 1 for a company, use the company setup TWO_STEP_VERIFICATION and give a value of "1".

At this point two-step verification is turned on.

For user convenience, you can also enable persistent cookies with an additional company set-up. Use TWO_STEP_COOKIE_DAYS with a value of 1 to 30, to indicate the number of days the cookie will be valid. TWO_STEP_COOKIE_DAYS is dependent on TWO_STEP_VERIFICATION being enabled.


  • If a user is in multiple companies, where at least one company has two-factor authentication turned on, the user will always be prompted for two-factor authentication.

  • When TWO_STEP_VERIFICATION is turned on, users of the company cannot log into Flex, and will have to use the link in SIMQ after logging into SIMQ.

  • The default number of days is 30, but this can be reduced by using smaller number. Setting TWO_STEP_COOKIE_DAYS to a number larger than 30 will not increase the number of days.

  • If a user is in multiple companies with TWO_STEP_COOKIE_DAYS enabled, their cookie length will be the shortest of all of their companies.



10532 – Grid Filtering

Comma separated lists can be entered for Transaction Type. Now when selecting comma-separated-list - on either Transaction Type, Transaction Status, or Document Status - the select input on the third column will be changed into a text input. When selecting any other option, the select input will be shown.


13257 – Message at Logon

If a user doesn’t type in their password before logging in, they will get an “invalid credentials” message.


13378 – Collaboration documents

Documents that are part of a collaboration will now always be removed from the queue when marked complete.


13415 – One user signing for multiple departments

The same user can now sign different department signatures on the same agreement. For example, if you are a signer for both Accounting and for Sales, you can sign for both, and the Agreement will change to completed status.


13620 – Lookup table enhancement

When exporting/importing a lookup table using 'Migrate Company Configuration' in SimQ, the lookup table no longer has an extra column that has the lookup table id as the label.

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