Publishing Multiple Agreements From a Spreadsheet (Mass Upload)

Mass Upload allows you upload a CSV file (and attachments if applicable) and create multiple transactions for each row in the CSV file.

For more information and/or to have this feature enabled please contact Support.

Creating a CSV File

Creating a CSV File

Select 'Mass Upload' from the right actions menu in SimQ Manager. In the new panel select 'Generate File' from the dropdown, the transaction folder you want to create agreements for and then click on 'Generate'. A CSV will then be created based on the templates in the selected transaction folder. This CSV will include each unique signer and field on the templates. The following can also be set for agreements by adding additional columns:

  • Agreement Subject : agreementExpressEmailSendingSubject
  • Email Publisher Message : agreementExpressEmailSendingMessageBody
  • Include attachments with agreements (should always be the last column in the spreadsheet) : attachment
  • Enable Access Protection and configure an access code : accesscode

A column for AEXTransactionFolderId will also be included that must be filled in with the ID of the transaction folder. When selecting to generate a file the ID will be included in brackets in the dropdown. You can upload to multiple transaction folders by specifying different IDs in this column.

One other column that is included is publishAsDraft which allows you to control whether you wish the agreements to be immediately published or created as a draft. This field should be filled in with true (to create as draft) or false (to immediately publish).

Even if a signature block already has a signer indicated (ex/ a department signature) you will still need to include it in the rows of data. If the field is left blank the signature blocks related to the signer will be removed when the agreement is created.

Uploading a CSV

Uploading a CSV

Select 'Mass Upload' in the right actions menu. In the new panel select 'Upload File' from the dropdown and then click 'Select a File'. In the browse window select your CSV file. If you are also including attachments hold down the ctrl key and click on the documents you would like included as attachments as well.

Note: Only one CSV file should be selected. Attachment files will also need to be in the same folder as the CSV file so they can all be selected when uploading.

The system will then start reading the CSV file and create an agreement from the first row of data (ignoring the header columns). Mass Upload will then pause allowing you to double-check the first agreement and confirm everything is correct before proceeding. If you do find an issue you can cancel the mass upload and investigate.

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