Permissions related to Document and Template Management

The following grant access:

CAN_ACCESS_AGREEMENT_MANAGER Allows a user/signer to access a restricted version of Agreement Manager
CAN_ACCESS_TEMPLATE_UTILITIES Access to template utility in Agreement Manager
CAN_DELETE_ANY_COMMENT Enables ability to delete comments
CAN_VIEW_ALL_AGREEMENTS_FOR_COMPANY Can view all agreements within company (for Publishers)
COLLABORATOR_ACCESS_MANAGER Access to Agreement Manager features when collaborator is also publisher/company admin
EXPORT_IMPORT_TEMPLATE_FIELD_CSV Allows the import/export of template data
PROCESS_MONITOR Grants access to process monitor
ADVANCED_PROCESS_MONITOR Enable collaboration in process monitor
PROCESS_MONITOR_ENABLE_ONEUP Enable process monitor one up view
PROCESS_MONITOR_ON_LOAD Process Monitors loads automatically on log into Agreement Manager
SEARCH_CANCELED_AGREEMENTS Enables ability to search for cancelled agreements

The following remove or restrict access:

GLOBAL_CANNOT_LINK_TEMPLATE Cannot link templates under any company
COMMENTS_CANNOT_BE_MODIFIED Cannot edit Comments column
CANNOT_DELETE_TEMPLATE User cannot delete templates
CANNOT_EDIT_NOTES Cannot edit the Notes column
CANNOT_VIEW_NOTES Hides the Notes column
CANNOT_VIEW_DOWNLOADDATA Cannot see the Download Data button in Agreement Manager
CANNOT_EDIT_TEMPLATE_FOLDERS Cannot modify (create,rename,delete) template folders
CANNOT_MODIFY_PROCESS_MONITOR Cannot modify (create,rename,delete) process monitors
CANNOT_SAVE_TEMPLATE Cannot create/save templates
CANNOT_SEARCH_COMPLETED_AGREEMENTS Cannot search for completed agreements
CANNOT_VIEW_DASHBOARD Hides the dashboard tab in Agreement Manager
CANNOT_VIEW_FOLDERS_BLADE Hides the Folders blade
CANNOT_VIEW_PROCESS_MONITOR_META_SEARCHFIELDS Hides meta search fields in Process Monitor blade
CANNOT_VIEW_SEARCH_BLADE Hides the search blade in Agreement Manager
CANNOT_VIEW_SEARCH_SUBJECT_BOX Hides the quick search at the top of Agreement Manager
CANNOT_VIEW_TEMPLATE_BLADE Hides the Templates blade
CANNOT_VIEW_TEMPLATE_CONTAINER Hides the templates section on the dashboard tab
PROCESS_MONITOR_ONLY Only allows access to Process Monitors in Agreement Manager
LIMITED_SEARCH Search values for some fields are limited
CANNOT_ATTACH_PDF_FORWARD_COPY User cannot attach PDF copies on Forward Copy by Email
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