Permissions related to Publishing

The following permissions grant additional access:

ADVANCED_PUBLISHER Publisher can access advanced features including Agreement Scripts, regular expression and the Add Template option
CAN_PUBLISH_HTML_TEMPLATES Publisher can upload HTML documents
CAN_USE_ONE_TO_MANY Publisher can see One-to-Many transpose options
PUBLISHER_CAN_ADD_TEMPLATES Publisher can add templates to an agreement

These permissions remove access:

CANNOT_ACCESS_PUBLISHER_TOOLBAR Hides 'Send an Agreement' button and greys out Signatures and Form Tools section in Agreement Builder
CANNOT_DELETE_DOCUMENTS Publisher cannot delete package documents
CANNOT_EDIT_RECIPIENTS Publisher cannot edit recipients on an agreement unless invalid email addresses are detected.
CANNOT_EDIT_RECIPIENTS_EVER Publisher cannot edit recipients on an agreement even if invalid email addresses are detected. Used in conjunction with CANNOT_EDIT_RECIPIENTS.
CANNOT_EDIT_CC_RECIPIENTS Publisher cannot edit cc recipients on an agreement
CANNOT_MODIFY_ACCESS_PROTECTION Publisher cannot change access protection
CANNOT_OVERRIDE_COMPANY_PASSWORD_ACCESS Publisher cannot override the company default for agreement password protection
CANNOT_SAVE_AND_SEND Publisher cannot click on 'Save and Send' button
CANNOT_SEE_PUBLISHER_TOOLBAR Agreement Builder is hidden on load
PUBLISHER_CANNOT_ADD_SIGNATURE_DOCUMENT Publisher cannot add new documents requiring signature
PUBLISHER_CANNOT_EDIT_ACCESS_CODE Publisher cannot edit email access code for access protection
PUBLISHER_CANNOT_EDIT_ADDITIONAL_DOCUMENTS Publisher cannot add/edit/remove request for additional documents
PUBLISHER_CANNOT_EDIT_EMAIL_MESSAGE Publisher cannot edit the email message
PUBLISHER_CANNOT_EDIT_EMAIL_SUBJECT Publisher cannot edit the email subject
PUBLISHER_CANNOT_EDIT_EXIT_URL Publisher cannot edit the exit URL
PUBLISHER_CANNOT_EDIT_PRIVATE_SIGNATURES Publisher cannot toggle private signatures
PUBLISHER_CANNOT_EDIT_SIGNER_INSTRUCTIONS Publisher cannot change the signer instructions
PUBLISHER_HIDE_HIDDEN_FIELDS Hidden fields are not shown in publisher mode

These permissions modify behaviour or provide an alternative view:

BLADE_SWITCH_DISABLED Disable automatic switching to the signature and form fields blade when fields and signatures are selected (Publisher Mode)
USE_DOCUMENT_TREE_PUBLISHER Use Document tree navigation in Publisher mode
PROMPT_USER_ON_EXIT_DRAFT Prompts the user to save their work before leaving the agreement draft
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