Collaboration Queues (Enhanced)


For the basics on collaboration queues, please go here.

Enhanced queuing provides the ability to distribute published agreements to specified individuals (i.e.: Collaborators) in a single Collaboration Queue. The robust filtering capabilities enable directing work items to these collaborators based upon their associated ‘filtering profiles’. These profiles can be configured to prioritize queue items based upon a set of rules. Additionally, the collaborator can be set to be automatically assigned a particular type of agreement (e.g.: Mortgages) until they are depleted, after which they are automatically assigned another type of agreement (e.g.: Mutual Fund applications).

Once the users have been added to a Collaboration Queue, their administrator (e.g.: Team Lead or Manager) can then associate them to a particular profile based upon their expertise. This capability also empowers the business administrators to have the flexibility to dynamically re-prioritize the work queues when required.

To enable advanced collaboration queues, please contact Recombo Support.

Creating Filter Profiles:

Creating Filter Profiles:

The area for creating filtering profiles can be accessed from a specific link. If you don't have the link please request one.

To create a profile:

  1. Select ‘Queue filter manager’ from the Process Monitor menu.
  2. Select a company, and a template from the left hand menu.
  3. Click ‘Add’ under ‘Filter Profiles’ to add a new profile.

Creating Rules for Filters

Creating Rules for Filters

To create a rule for a filtering profile, first select the profile, then click ‘View Rules’.

Then click ‘Add’ and fill out the filtering profile rules form. (There is not currently data validation on this form. Follow the format specified below to add rules):

  • Name: The name of the rule.
  • Priority: Order of execution; rules with lower numbers will be executed first.
  • SortField: Field that will be used for sorting. If left empty, sorting will be performed based on the order a document entered the queue.
  • SortOrder: 1 for Descending, 0 for Ascending.
  • Expression: Logical expression for filtering. The format is similar to what we use in the document matrix and template engines, with one difference  variable names are enclosed with { } brackets.
  • Parameters: Separated list of field names.
  • Type: Reserved for the future.

Rules and Profiles can also be updated directly on the display grid. To update, select the rows you want to update (checkmark) and enter data directly on the display grid.

Assigning a Filtering Profile:

The following must be done before assigning filtering profiles:

  1. Build a Process Monitor for the template, select ‘Extract Data’ to extract field data
  2. Create a collaboration queue
  3. Add Members to the queue
  4. Create Filter Profiles/Rules for the template (see above)

Filter profiles can be assigned to queue members from the ‘Assign Queue Filter Profile’  button in the following locations:

  • Template Manager  - Click the ‘Collaboration Queue’ icon beside the template.
  • In Process Monitor - Open a process monitor for the template.

Once a profile is assigned, when a collaborator logs into (or refreshes) their queue, the results will be filtered based on the profile they are assigned.

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