Adding Signature tags to Documents

If you add tags to the documents you send through the Connector, Agreement Express will automatically add signatures and fields to the documents based on the tags. You can prepare tags for more signers then always necessary, extra tags are simply ignored. That means if you have tags for 6 different signers but only enter 4 email addresses into the To field, the extra tags are not used.

Agreement Express will interpret and create signatures over top of these embedded tags. To add a simple full signature you use the following tag: [] where you replace “” with the actual email address.You can also add placeholders signatures that will be replaced in order of the emails entered in the To field. Here is the breakdown of the tag:

You can choose what type of signature by changing this letter.
f_ = full
i_ = initials
r_ = review
d_ = date
de_ = data entry
You can set the signature levels by changing this number. Levels correspond to the order in which recipients can sign.
1: = 1st level
2: = 2nd level, etc
You can create a label to be shown instead of the email address. You can add many placeholders just by changing the number at the end. These numbers correspond to the order in which the emails are typed in the TO: field in a print dialogue box. You can also replace Placeholder|1 with an email address

The Publisher| tag

Instead of 'Placeholder|#' you can enter 'Publisher|' instead. This will use the email address of the account you've entered into the credentials section of the Connector. This saves you from having to enter the email address into the To field every time.


For example, if you place the following emails in this order in the To field:, and and place the following tag in the document: [rsigf_1:Placeholder|1], [rsigf_1:Placeholder|2], [rsigf_2:Publisher|], they will relate as follows:

  • [rsigf_1:Placeholder|1] would be replaced with and would be able to sign first
  • [rsigf_1:Placeholder|2] would be replaced with and would be able to sign at the same time as
  • [rsigf_2:Publisher|] would be replaced with your email and you will be able to sign once and have signed

Because the Connector places signatures over the text instead of replacing, please make sure the colour of the font for the signature text has been changed to white so it blends in with the background.

Tips on Adding Tags to a Document

  • The signature blocks appear over top the tags but may not fully cover the tags so it's recommend to set the font colour to white (or whichever colour will blend with the background).
  • Consider the size of the signature block when spacing your tags. Signature blocks can overlap but it will make it harder to read and harder for the tenant/landlord to click on for signing.
  • You can have more placeholders on the document than needed; extra ones are simply ignored.
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