Setting Your Own Password Policy

Agreement Express has a basic requirement for passwords. For companies looking for a more robust password policy they can set their own which will be enforced on their administrators and anyone who signs an agreement with them.

Companies can set:

  • Number of days before a password expires
  • When notifications for expiring passwords are sent out
  • Number of recent passwords to store (that can't be used again)
  • Minimum/Maximum password length
  • Number of duplicate characters allowed
  • Minimum number of lowercase, uppercase, numerical and special characters
  • Whether a user should be locked out after a specified number of failed attempts
  • How long that lockout should last
  • Number of minutes that failed attempts should be counted

To enable access to set your own company's password policy, please contact Recombo Support.

Setting up a Password Policy

Setting up a Password Policy

To set, update or delete your password policy:

  1. From Agreement Manager click on the Manage Companies blade.
  2. Click Search to see a list of companies you are an administrator of.
  3. Select the company and click the Edit Company icon at the bottom.
  4. In the Edit Company Panel click on the Password Policy tab.

Once a password policy has been set new users (and existing users changing their password) will be required to create passwords that conform to the policy. For users already registered they will not be required to change their password when signing an agreement even if their password does not meet the company's password policy. However if the company password policy has an expiry set those users will eventually have to conform to the policy when their password expires. Once a user has been added to a company or sent an agreement from a company with a password policy set future passwords will have to meet that policy.

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