Creating a Re-usable Signing Link

Sometimes you need multiple people to sign different copies of the same document or you would like to make a form available for anyone to fill out. In these cases, a generic or re-usable signing link works well. These links are created off a template and whenever someone clicks on the link a new agreement is created on the fly for the person to complete.

To have this feature enabled for your account, please contact Recombo Support for more information.

Creating the Template

You can create the template as normal, adding any necessary fields and signature blocks except when adding the signature of the generic signer, simply put a label. If there are other signers, their signature blocks need to include an email address. It is recommended other signer's are set as signing group 2+ to avoid them receiving unnecessary emails.

Other tips:

  • Only one open signer is supported. Multiple signers are supported but the rest must all have email addresses already defined.
  • Save Agreement is not supported with re-usable signing links as the generic signer doesn't have a link to their specific agreement.
  • A new agreement is created every time the link is clicked on so there will be empty agreements if the user just closes it.
  • As always, it is recommended after creating the template to test before sending the link out for signing.

Grabbing the Re-usable Agreement Link

Grabbing the Re-usable Agreement Link

After the template is saved, from the template section in Agreement Manager select the template and click the get signing link at the button. The re-usable signing link will be copied to your computer's clipboard (where the last item you copied is always stored). From here you can email that link off or put it on your website.

Generic Signer's Experience

The generic signer's experience is very similar to a normal signing process with one exception: the registration panel will always load the first time the generic signer clicks on a signature block. If they already have an account they can select 'already registered' and enter their email address to sign else they can fill out the registration panel.

Like usual, once an agreement is completed all parties (including the generic signer) will be sent a completion notification.

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