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Transaction/Document Rewind allows authorized users to undo prior signing events, make corrections, and send the agreement back for re-signing. This is an incredibly powerful feature designed to reduce the need to cancel incorrect agreements for simple mistakes, and to simplify resubmission. In addition, rewind allows organizations to capture both structured and unstructured data regarding the reason for needing to rewind the agreement. This data can be leveraged for processing analysis and initiatives.

Rewind allows users with the appropriate permission to rewind the agreement back to any prior signing level (or to the beginning of the current level), provided the agreement has not been completed. In addition, the user rewinding the agreement can make corrections for any of the prior signers. When corrections are made for a previous signer, the these events are recorded in the Agreement Details.

Completed agreements must be cancelled and re-published.


There are two security permissions and one company setup for Rewind:

Security Permissions

  1. Can_Rewind_For_Company  - A user with this permission can rewind any incomplete agreement within their company.
  2. Can_Rewind_If_Signer  - A user with this permission can only rewind an incomplete agreement if they are a signer on the agreement.

Company Setup

  1. Rewind_Reason_List  - A comma separated list of the reasons for rewind that will appear in the drop down when a document is in Rewind. (Optional)

Rewind works for all agreements (single documents and packages). The act of rewinding a package will not change the current structure of the package. This means if there are any documents that were added in later stages of the workflow that should not be seen by prior workflow participants, such as checklists, these should be manually removed.

To rewind a transaction currently in the signing package stage back to the landing pages you need to first rewind the agreement back to the first signing level

Rewinding an Agreement

Rewinding an Agreement

To rewind an agreement open it first. A user with the appropriate permission(s) will see the Rewind and Correct option in the right actions menu.


Rewind Reason

Rewind Reason

The rewind and correct panel will appear. On this panel select which signing level to rewind to and the signers affected will appear below. Then Indicate if you would like to make corrections prior to sending the agreement back for re-signing.

Here you may select the reason from the drop down list (either the default options or what has been configured under Company Setup), add additional comments regarding the rewind, and write an email to the signer(s) that must sign the agreement again. The prefix: Rewind Notice is automatically added to the email subject line.

If there are errors to correct on the agreement, you may make these corrections on behalf of the signer affected by the rewinding. Selecting the check box 'Make Corrections' will allow you to collaborate for that signer once the agreement has been rewound. Once you are done making corrections don't forget to click on 'Save' from the right actions menu.


When making corrections on behalf of a previous signer the individual making the corrections will be listed as a Collaborator in the agreement details and will only be able to make changes to fields for which the prior signer has edit rights. The individual must click 'Save Agreement' in order for their changes to be retained. In addition, if the individual rewinding made changes to the agreement, consistent with their own edit rights, prior to rewinding these will ONLY be retained if they click 'Save Agreement' prior to rewinding the agreement.

When the user is ready to send the agreement back for re-signing, they must click 'Save' from the right actions menu.



The layout of most documents and forms makes it clear which signer has edit rights over which fields. In some cases however an individual may find that fields are not editable when they are attempting to make corrections. This means that the individual wishes to make corrections for a signer whom did not have appropriate field permissions. Either the rewinding individual or the rewound signer must have edit rights in order to edit a field during rewind. If appropriate edit rights are in place the fields will appear as active (shown above).

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