Tracking Field Changes


Tracking field changes allows you to keep an audit trail of each time a field is updated, and by whom. It's a great tool when the Publisher fills out fields for the courtesy of their client, but the client is able to change the information. By using Track Changes, authorized accounts can see what fields were changed, by whom, when, and the values that changed. This data can be leveraged to update external systems such as your CRM system or simply for audit and control purposes.

Please note changes made to secure fields cannot be tracked.

This feature is enabled on a per account basis. For more information please contact Recombo Support.

Enabling Track Changes

Track Field Changes allows you to set which fields on a template you wish to track changes for. For steps on configuring templates to use track changes and whom can view the changes please go here.

Viewing Field Changes

Viewing Field Changes

On a document/transaction to view changes made to fields click on the right actions menu and select Track Changes. A panel similar to above will appear listing all the changes made to every field that has track changes enabled. This panel shows you the name of the field, whom made the change, what value he/she entered and when the change was made.

Clicking on Field Tracking will allow you to view the individual field changes. An information icon will appear on each field with track changes enabled. Clicking on those icons will load a panel listing changes to that particular field.

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