Copying Transactions

Sometimes after a document/transaction is published you realize something needs to be changed or you wish to send out a very similar document/transaction. Copy Transaction allow to to take an existing document/transaction in any step of the signing process and use it as a base to create a new document/transaction off of.

To copy a transaction select it and in the right actions menu click on copy (1), then select which elements of the transaction (2) you wish to include and click on Copy (3). The different elements that can be copied include:

  • Form field data: The fields and any information entered will be copied to the new transaction
  • Email Content: The subject and message will be copied to the new transaction
  • Signatures: All the signature blocks and current signers will be copied to the new transaction
  • Attachments: Any non-signed attachments will be copied to the new transaction

A new transaction including the selected elements will open in draft mode. If no elements are selected the new transaction will just contain the documents in the selected transaction. From here you can make any further changes you wish such as changing the signers, removing a signature block or editing some field data before publishing.

Please note data in secure fields is not copied for security and privacy reasons.

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