Sending a Basic Agreement

To send a document from SimQ Manager you have two options:

1. Drag and drop a file onto the SimQ Manager dashboard.

2. Click 'Send a File' from the right actions panel and select which document to upload.

In either case the document you selected will appear in either a new tab or new window (depending on the browser and its settings)\P ready for signatures.

Adding Signatures

Adding Signatures

Click on the gear icon in the top right to open the right actions panel and drag 'Drag Signature Block' onto the document to place a signature block. In the pop-up, enter an email address and select the signing level.

(Currently you can only add signature blocks and set levels. For more complex functionality please use Agreement Manager.)

Adding Additional Documents

Adding Additional Documents

To add another document, open the right actions panel and click on Add and then you will select what type of document to add:

image/document - non-signed attachment
signed document - any document that will contain signatures
template - add an existing template

If adding an image/document or signed document you will be given the option of renaming the selected file. You can then use the left actions panel switch to other documents in the agreement.

Ready to Send

Ready to Send

Once ready, open the right actions panel and click on Send. In the Send panel enter in a subject, message and cc (if needed) and click on Create Agreement.

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