Agreement Field Basics

Fields are interactive spots where information entered can be changed during the signing process. Unlike text on the underlying document in an agreement information entered into fields can be evaluated and reported on. Fields allow you to request information from or confirm existing information with the signer.

Agreement Express supports various types of fields and properties to help ensure you receive the correct information the first time.

Some field properties are common to every type of field in Agreement Express (such as required) while others are only relevant to some field types.

To Add a Field to a Document

To Add a Field to a Document

Within the Agreement Interface, click the Signatures and Form Tools tab (1) of the Agreement Builder. Drag and drop form fields (2) where you need them on your agreement. You can always move fields you have added by simply dragging and dropping them again. As you move fields around, green guidelines appear to help you align fields with others.

Different Fields

Different Fields

Text Field - A field that allows text to be entered.

Checkbox - A square box that shows as empty or checked.

Date Field - When clicked on a calendar appears to let the user easily select a date.

Radio Button - Allows the user to choose only one of a predefined set of options.

Label - Allows you to add text to the document for viewing only.

Web Link - A clickable link to send a user to a website.

Dropdown - Allows the user to select from a list of options.

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