Resolving Signature Problems in Adobe Reader

Initially, when you open a document downloaded from Agreement Express you will see a warning that may say “At least one signature has problems”. This is because your installed copy of Adobe Reader (and other PDF view programs) does not have Agreement Express listed as a trusted identity. This is part of Agreement Express security to ensure the validity of the document.


To add Agreement Express as a trusted identity:

  1. open the Signature Panel on the left side
  2. click on Certificate Details to open the Certificate Viewer
  3. switch to the Trust tab and click on Add to Trusted Identities
  4. if necessary, repeat for "Signed by Agreement Express Inc"


You should receive a confirmation message. Then close the window and the warning message should have changed to “Signed and all Signatures are valid”.

*These instructions were written based on Adobe Acrobat version 9. Steps may vary for other versions.*

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