Signature Blocks

Every agreement must contain at least one required signature block. These signatures blocks can be customized based on the signature type and signer type. The four types of signatures are:

  • Full – displays the signer’s full name and date of signing
  • Initials – displays the initials of the signer
  • Review – signer is only required to view the document to 'sign' this type of signature
  • Datestamp - displays the date when the signer completed the agreement

The two types of signers are:

  • Individual – only the specified email address can sign.
  • Department – anyone in the department group can sign.

Adding a Signature

Adding a Signature

To add a signature:

  1. Click and drag a signature block from the Agreement Builder under the Signatures and Form Tools section onto the document.
  2. Enter the signer's email address or a label if building a template.
  3. Set what type of signature block you would like.
  4. If you would a department signature you change the signer type here.
  5. Set the order that you would like the signatures completed in.
  6. Click Save when ready.

Shared Address

If you have multiple signers who share an email address you can create multiple accounts. For further information please click here.

Signing Groups

Designating each signer a signing group allows you to set the order that each signer is asked to complete the agreement. By default everyone is assigned to group 1 and can sign immediately upon agreement publication. Multiple signers can be part of the same signing group to allow the signers to sign concurrently. For instance, a common scenario is to have the customers sign first as signing group 1, followed by an agent in signing group 2 who reviews all entered information before signing.

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