Process Monitor (displaying data within your agreements)

Process Monitor allows you to quickly create a report based on agreements published from the same template. These reports can be run within Agreement Express and be filtered to find exactly what you're looking for. Additional access is required for this feature. Please check the Controlling Access section for more information.

Creating a Process Monitor

Creating a Process Monitor
  • Monitor Name: name of process monitor
  • Data grid page size: number of agreements displayed per page
  • Track contracts: allows you to toggle tracking of agreements on and off (must be checked for the report to display any agreements)
  • Monitor is public: allows you to share the Process Monitor with others in the company

You can also display some of the standard information such as the Created/Published Date, the Subject and the Publisher.


The list of fields is divided into four columns:

  • Order: shows which fields are included in the process monitor and the order across the top they're shown
  • Field Name: name of the fields found on the template
  • Header Name: configurable name that appears as a header
  • Align: sets where the data will appear in the column

To choose which fields to include, click under the Order column to select the order in which fields will appear from left to right. Fields with no order number will not be included in the report. The header name can be changed but by default shows the field name. You can also choose how to align the data in each field by choosing from the drop-down.

Once you are done, click on Save to create the Process Monitor. By default, no agreements published from the template before the Process Monitor was created are included. Previous agreements can be included by clicking on once you have created the process monitor. This can also be done at a later time by editing the process monitor. Only one process monitor can be attached to a template at a time. Creating a new one will automatically delete the old one even if they have been named differently.

Viewing a Process Monitor

Viewing a Process Monitor

Open the Monitor slider on the left and select a Process Monitor from the drop-down. The results will display on the right, showing the status of the agreement and the ID as well as your selected fields. If One-Up view is enabled, clicking on a line will display information and a preview of the agreement.

Under the Monitor slider you can see a list of fields you have included in the Process Monitor. Click on the plus sign to view the rest of the fields on the template however you can only search for fields included in the Process Monitor.  By default searches are for exact values. To search for partial values, add ‘%’ before and/or after your search word(s). For instance, to search for all names starting with ‘mic’ you would enter ‘mic%’.

By default, users only have the option to export the Process Monitor results. Sign Without Opening and Resend Agreement can also be enabled for Process Monitor.

Editing/Deleting a Process Monitor

Open the Monitor slider, select the Process Monitor from the drop-down and click on edit. You will be brought to the setup screen. Once you have made your changes click on save to update the Process Monitor. These changes will automatically be reflected on the existing Process Monitor. To delete, click the delete button after selecting the Process Monitor from the dropdown. Then click Yes on the confirmation.

Controlling Access

Most Access is controlled on a per account level. For assistance enabling access, please contact Recombo Support:

  • PROCESS_MONITOR: Grants access to the basic Process Monitor section.
  • ADVANCED_PROCESS_MONITOR: Enable collaboration in Process Monitor.
  • PROCESS_MONITOR_ENABLE_ONEUP: Enable process monitor one up view.
  • PROCESS_MONITOR_ON_LOAD: Process Monitors loads automatically upon logging into Agreement Manager.
  • PROCESS_MONITOR_ONLY: Only allows access to Process Monitors in Agreement Manager.
  • CANNOT_MODIFY_PROCESS_MONITOR: Cannot modify (create,rename,delete) process monitors. By default everyone with access to Process Monitor can create/edit/delete.
  • CANNOT_VIEW_PROCESS_MONITOR_META_SEARCHFIELDS: Hides the ability to search based on selected agreement fields.
  • ADVANCED_PROCESS_MONITOR_MANAGEMENT: Allows you to create Process Monitors from all templates linked through a parent-child relationship.
  • MASS_APPROVE: Those with access to use Sign with Opening will also see the icon in Process Monitor.
  • RESEND_FROM_PROCESS_MONITOR: At a company level, the icon for Resend Agreement can also be enabled.
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