Change Signer - Over a Period

Sometimes someone has left the company and all their agreements need to be transferred or someone will be temporarily unable to sign agreements. Change Signer allows you to reassign all or some agreement for a specific signer to others within the company.

To set an Alternate Signer

To set an Alternate Signer

Click on the Manage Users tab in Agreement Manager to view the list of your Agreement Express users.

Select the user who's agreements you wish to assign to someone else and then click the Change Signer icon.

In the new panel click New to set a new signer. Enter the new signer's email address and other information. When ready, click Save to confirm the new signer.

New Signer: the email address of the new signer

Documents: you can select all documents sent to the selected signer or just ones published under a specific company

Company: if company is selected for Documents you can then select which company

Period: you can select a specific date range that any agreements published during that time will be automatically redirected or make the change permanent

From/To Dates: if date range is selected you will be required to choose the from and to dates

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