Adding Internal Agreement Comments

The Comments field allows you to store multiple internal messages attached to one agreement, unlike the Notes field that only stores one message. These comments cannot be viewed by a signer and is only accessible from Agreement Manager. When a comment is added, the date the comment was made as well as whom created it are recorded and displayed when the comments panel is open.

The number of comments attached to an agreement appears next to a speech bubble in the Comments column of Agreements Manager.

Adding a Comment

Adding a Comment

Click under the Comments column of the agreement you wish to add a comment to (either the space if no comments or the speech bubble). This will open the Comments panel where you can add, modify, and delete comments as well as view when comments were created and whom created them using the comments panel.

Add a new comment: Click the New button, enter in your comment and click on Save. The comment will then appear in the list.

Modify an existing comment: Click on a comment in the list and the message will appear below. Make any necessary changes and click on Save.

Delete a comment: Select the comment from the list and click on Delete. It will then be removed from the list.

Controlling Access

By default publishers can add new comments, and modify/delete their own comments. There are two security permissions to alter access:

COMMENTS_CANNOT_BE_MODIFIED: Cannot edit or delete any comments.

CAN_DELETE_ANY_COMMENT: Allows deleting of any comments.

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