Resending Agreements (and alternative ways to open an agreement)

Signers can launch and sign agreements multiple ways – not just by opening links from emails. Agreements can also be opened for signing directly from Agreement Manager (if your client is present) or through a website link using a “launch code”.

To resend an agreement:

Select one agreement and click on the Resend Agreement button.

Choose from the options in the Resend Agreement pop-up window.

Resend: This will resend the original email to all recipients checked.

Open to Sign: If the client is present, you can select them from the list and click the button to open the agreement as them. Turn the keyboard over to them and they will be able to sign the agreement.

Launch Code: If the recipient cannot access their email, you can direct them to the short website URL (example shown in screenshot) and provide a launch code that will let them open their agreement. This launch code is randomly generated and expires after one hour for security reasons.

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