Permissions related to Administration

The following grant access:

ACCESS_USER_PROPERTIES Access user properties
CAN_ADD_USER_PROPERTIES Can add user property names for company
SET_USER_PREFERENCES Can set other user preferences
ADVANCED_PROCESS_MONITOR_MANAGEMENT Can create and assign parent-child template associations
CAN_VIEW_AUDIT_REPORT Can view the audit report (currently just on templates)
EDIT_COLLABORATION_QUEUE Can edit and create collaboration queues
ASSIGN_COLLABORATION_QUEUE_FILTER Can assign filter profile to collaborators
CAN_ACCESS_I9_BLADE Can see the I9 blade
RESEND_WELCOME_DOCUMENT Option to resend a welcome document to new user whom is already in another company
CAN_ASSIGN_SECURITY_PROFILE User can assign security profile to other users
CAN_EDIT_GENERICS Can edit Generic Fields
CAN_EDIT_MATRIX Can edit the Matrix
CAN_RUN_REPORTS Grants access the the reports blade and any BIRT reports they have access to
GLOBAL_MANAGE_COMPANIES Grants access to the Manage Companies section
CAN_SET_COMPANY_PASSWORD_POLICY Can create or update the Company Password Policy
CAN_VIEW_COMPANY_LOOKUP Can view Company Lookups
CAN_ADD_COMPANY_LOOKUP Can create new Company Lookups
CAN_ADD_COMPANY_LOOKUP_INVISIBLE Can create invisible Company Lookups
CAN_VIEW_COMPANY_CLONE Can use Company Clone
GLOBAL_CAN_VIEW_SESSIONMESSAGES User can set company-level messages in Agreement Manager/Interface
BILLING_REPORT User can create an advanced billing report
CAN_ACCESS_QUEUE_FILTER_MANAGER Permission to access the Collaboration Queue Filter Manager

The following remove access:

CANNOT_VIEW_USER_BLADE Hides the Manage Users section
CAN_ONLY_SEE_ADMINISTRATORS Can only see Publishers in the company user list
CAN_ONLY_SEE_COMPANY_ADMINISTRATORS Can only see Company Administrators in the company user list
CAN_ONLY_SEE_USERS Can only see Users/Signers in the company user list
CANNOT_SEE_DEPARTMENT_USERS Cannot see users in departments
GLOBAL_CANNOT_ADD_USERS_TO_DEPARTMENT Cannot add users to department
CANNOT_VIEW_HELP_BUTTON Cannot see the help button in Agreement Manager
CANNOT_VIEW_SETTINGS_BUTTON Cannot see the Settings button in Agreement Manager
CANNOT_VIEW_SETTINGS_SALESFORCE_TAB Cannot see the Salesforce tab of the Settings panel in Agreement Manager
CANNOT_VIEW_SETTINGS_SUPPORT_TAB Cannot see the Support tab of the Settings panel in Agreement Manager
CANNOT_VIEW_SETTINGS_UTILITIES_TAB Cannot see the Utilities tab of the Settings panel in Agreement Manager
HIDE_COMPANY_JS_MANAGER Hide the Company JS Library manager tab from the edit company panel
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