Saving email messages for re-use in the Connector

Starting in release 1.0.13, you can save multiple messages for re-use per account. These messages are saved in Agreement Express so a publisher will always have access their saved messages regardless of what computer they are on.

Saving Messages

Saving Messages

 From the main Connector window click on the Saved Messages button (1). In the new window enter in the Subject (2) and Message (3), and then click on Save Message (4).

To update an existing message select it from the Subject dropdown (2), make the changes and click on Save Message (4). When the Subject is changed, a new message is saved instead.

To delete select the message and click on Delete Message (5).

Picking a Message to Use

From the Messages window select which message you would like to use and click on Use This Message (6). The Messages window will disappear and the selected message will be loaded on the main Connector window. From here you can make changes to the messages both before clicking on Send Now and once the agreement loads in Agreement Express.

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