Adding Field tags to Documents

Using the Connector you can add different fields including textboxes, radio buttons or checkboxes by placing special tags in the document where you want these items to appear.

Field tags

Textbox: [txt]       [/txt] where the size of the field is determined by the opening and closing tags. For a multi-lined textbox put the closing tag on another line below the opening tag.

Checkbox: [chk] as checkboxes are a set size no closing tag is needed.

Radio Button group: [rdo] [/rdo] where each opening tag represents a radio button and the closing tag indicates the end of the group.

Field Attributes

Field Attributes

Some of the field attributes available in Agreement Express can be set directly through the field tags with a constraint. To apply constraints you add a colon with a number from the chart above in the opening tag (ex/ [txt:1]  [/txt]). Additional field attributes can be set once the agreement has loaded in Agreement Express.

You can also define whom should be allowed to edit a field right in the tag. By default fields are editable by the first signer but you can change this by adding ':S' followed by the email address or a placeholder. For instance [txt:SPlaceholder|1] would make the field editable by the first email address that is entered in the To field. This can be combined with the field constraints above by adding additional colons for every new constraint (ex/ [txt:1:SPlaceholder|1]).

Like signature tags, the font colour of the field tags should be set to match the background of the document. If this is not done, the codes will be visible in the final published document.


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