Creating Hidden Documents for Internal Use

In some cases you may want a document included in the package that isn't visible to some of the signers. This obviously isn't appropriate for documents you want the signer to agree to for legal purposes, but this works for data entry forms or other internal documents. Hidden documents work in conjunction with data entry signatures. Data entry documents can be set as hidden causing them to only appear to the data entry signer. From the traditional signer’s perspective, that document doesn’t exist.

Please note the company must have the company setup USE_DOCUMENT_TREE_DISPLAY to enable hidden documents.

Configuration and Use

Configuration and Use

In Agreement Interface on the document you wish to make hidden, first add a data entry signature just like a regular signature with the exception of setting the signature type to data entry. Then click the gear icon in the corner of the document you wish to make hidden. In the new panel check the box for Hidden and click Save.

You must add at least one other document requiring signature that isn't hidden before publishing the agreement. Whoever is a signer on this (and additional documents) will not see the hidden document (as long as it's a different signer from the hidden document).

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