Dynamically Changing Field Properties

Many forms contain questions and sections that are only applicable in certain cases. Field events allow you to dynamic change a field's property based on the responses of other fields to ensure all applicable fields are filled out. For example, if your form contains a yes/no question followed by a question that should only be answered if the previous answer was yes, you can set the default property for the second question to read only and then create a field event that will change it to editable and required if the first question is answered yes.

Field Event Options

Field events can change different field properties. The current options available are:

  • Enabled/Disabled When - Change whether the field can be edited or is read only
  • Required/Not Required When - Change whether the field is required or optional
  • Visible/Hidden When - Change whether the signer is able to see the field or not
  • Set Value When - Can set a value to be auto-inserted into a field
  • Add Template (P)/Delete Template (P) - Before the agreement has been published, document templates can be added or removed

Creating a Field Event

Creating a Field Event

Select the field that will be effected by the field event (i.e. the field you want to be dynamically changed) and click the Edit button beside 'Events' under the Field Attributes and Controls.

  1. Click the plus sign to add an event (a field can have multiple events).
  2. Select how you want the field to be changed.
  3. Enter the the field ID that the event condition is checked against.
  4. Set your event condition.
  5. If needed, you can have that field be auto-cleared after the event condition is checked.

Once all events have been added click Save.

In the screenshot above, the selected field will be enabled (can be edited) when the field totalCost contains a value greater than 100.

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