ID Verification

When dealing with customers over the phone or through email, ID Verification offers a great way to ensure the correct person is signing the agreement. We currently offer the following services in North America:

Equifax – credit-based verification that generates multiple choice questions based on the signer’s information Equifax has.

IDology – wallet-based verification that checks whether information entered matches IDology’s records.

When this service is turned on, users are asked to register in Agreement Express and then are presented with a user verification screen. If they pass, they will be allowed to sign. If they fail, they can try again but will not be allowed to sign until they have been verified.

Please note there is a separate charge for using ID verification on a per attempt basis (i.e. each time a signer attempts to pass verification). If you would like the ID verification option disabled for your company please contact Recombo Support.

Have your own Verification Account?

If your company already has it's own account to Equifax or IDology you can choose to have Agreement Express use that account instead of Recombo's. This would allow you to completely control the rules that the signer's identity is evaluated against.

For further information, please contact Recombo Support.

Signer Experience

Signer Experience

Like usual, signers will be prompted to register or enter their password when they click on a signature block. Then they will be prompted to verify their identity (example for Equifax shown above). Once they have been verified the signer will continue with the normal signing process.

Once an account has passed ID verification once, they will not be required to pass it again.

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