General Questions about Agreement Express

Q: Is Agreement Express secure?

A: Agreement Express takes every practical step to protect you and your data. Agreement Express has been designed to provide state-of-the-art security. The following security features are available:

  • All communications on the site and all documents emailed through Agreement Express are encrypted with AES 128-bit security.
  • Your account and all your documents on Agreement Express are password protected and no other person can access your data unless you grant them permission.
  • All passwords and account data are encrypted with RSA keys.
  • Agreement Express’s servers are housed in secure facilities with power and Internet backup.

Digital signatures are inherently more secure than fax machines and the postal service. With the added security of needing to log into an email account combined with a locked PDF document accessible only via encrypted links, the actual contract never leaves the Agreement Express system.

Q: Can I use my Agreement Express account for transactions with other companies that use Agreement Express?

A: Yes, your Agreement Express username is your email address, and once you choose your password and security question, you are set to use Agreement Express with anyone who uses that email address to send you an online agreement.

Q: Where do I go to see the agreements that I have signed?

A: The agreements you have signed are always available from either the link you used to sign the agreement or from the email you receive once the agreement is completed. If you have access to Agreement Manager you can log in to see all the agreements you have signed and/or published.

Q: Can I download a copy of a completed agreement?

A: Yes you can download a PDF copy of the agreement by clicking on Print or Save Agreement. Depending on your internet browser settings, you may be prompted to open or save the PDF or it could open right in your internet browser.

Q: When I opened a PDF from Agreement Express I got an error saying there were problems with the signatures.

That message is normal if you haven't added Agreement Express as a trusted identity. Without that, your PDF reader doesn't know what to validate the signatures against. Click here for steps to add Agreement Express as a trusted identity.

Q: I misplaced the completion email stating that I signed an agreement. Whom should I contact to have the email re-sent?

A: You should contact the person who sent you the agreement in the first place and ask them to send you a copy of your agreement.

Q: Can an agreement be forwarded to someone else for signing?

A: As a general rule, no. Only agreements specifically designated to allow alternate signatures may be forwarded to someone else for signing. If someone else should be signing the agreement please contact the sender and they can update the agreement.

Q: How do I forward the agreement to you now that I’ve signed it?

A: Once the agreement has been signed by everyone, an email notification will go out informing all parties involved that the agreement has been signed, providing a link to the signed version of the agreement. There is no need to forward anything after signing the agreement.

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