Using a Template to Send an Agreement

A template is simply a draft that can be used over and over again. Using pre-existing templates allows you to save time if many of the agreements you are sending use the same document.

Opening a Template

A template can be opened two ways:

  • Click on it in the Templates section on the Dashboard
  • Go to the Templates blade, select the company the template is saved under (if necessary) and then find the template in the list.

Many templates already contain signature block(s) and fields. Depending on the template, you may just need to click on 'Save and Send', replace the sig labels with email addresses and add a message before publishing. Other templates may require you to fill out some fields first or add some attachments. If using pre-existing templates, please check with your company on the process for each template.

As a template is just a re-usable draft you can remove existing signature blocks, add fields or other documents requiring signature etc. before publishing.

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