Visualizer: Checking the Agreement Status

A great way to see the flow of the signing process for each agreement as well as to check on the progress made in signing is to use the Agreement Visualizer. It's a quick way of seeing who has signed and who's next to sign without having to open the agreement itself.

When viewing a list of agreements you can immediately see the overall status of the agreement by the status flag. To see who has signed without viewing the agreement click on Agreement Visualizer and then select the agreement.

The example above shows a single document agreement with 3 signers on two different signing levels.

  1. The green checkmark indicates the user has signed this agreement
  2. The yellow asterisk indicates the user has viewed the agreement but hasn't signed yet.
  3. Nothing above the user means they haven't viewed the agreement yet. You can also see that unlike John Smith there is no name listed. This means the user hasn't registered yet.

From Visualizer you can also click on any of the user icons to open the Agreement Details which breaks down each time someone (including non-signers) has viewed the agreement including date and time.

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