Packaging Documents into One Agreement

If you need someone to sign multiple documents, you can group them together in a package. This means the signer would receive an email with one link to access all the documents needing to be signed. You can also add attachments for review.

Creating a Package

Creating a Package

From the Agreement Interface click on the Add button in the top left to select which type of document to add to the agreement.

If you click on the arrow on the button you will see a dropdown (as shown above) else you see a pop-up with the exact same options.

  • Document Required Signature - an additional document that requires at least one persons signature
  • Non-signed Attachment - an attached document that is to be read but does not require a signature
  • Add Template - add an Agreement Express template (please contact Recombo Support to enable this option)

The document will then be added (or if faxing, after you have faxed) to the agreement, creating a document package. If you attach a document requiring a signature, the agreement will immediately switch to it. Non-signed Attachments are simply added to the document list.

Re-arranging and Removing

To re-arrange the order of the document simply click and drag it up or down.

To remove a document from the agreement select the document and click delete.

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