Searching For Agreements

Agreement Express allows you to search for agreements using many different search fields. There are two ways to search:

  • The Quick Search located at the top of Agreement Manager allows to search by one criteria.
  • The Search blade is the main search allowing you to create very specific searches.

Using the Quick Search

Using the Quick Search

Enter your search value into the text field and then click on the down arrow. This will allow you to select which criteria to search on. Clicking anywhere else on the dropdown which search based on the already selected criteria.

The Search Blade

The Search Blade

Click the Search blade to open the search panel. Enter the different search values into each criteria you wish to use and then click the search button at the bottom. A search results tab will appear to the right.

File Name
This field allows you to search for the name of the file you've sent as an agreement. You can also limit the results by selecting to only retrieve the file names that exactly match your search parameters.

Expand Packages
This allows you to control whether to see just the parent document of a package or every document. By default this is turned on.

Period offers some set time frames to search with. By default the period is set to the last 90 days.

Alternatively, you can search between specific dates. The selected date range is inclusive.

ID #
This is an all-digit unique identifier assigned to each document in the agreement and the overall agreement.

Recipient First/Last Name, Email
These fields are for the agreement recipient(s) or signer(s).

Publisher First/Last Name, Email
These fields are for the publisher or sender of the agreement.

For administrators who have access to multiple companies, you can select a specific company to search under.

This will allow you to search for agreements at a particular stage in the signing process.

You can search for any information in the notes field of an agreement.

Lets you search for agreement sent to a certain department group.

Saving Your Search for Re-Use

Saving Your Search for Re-Use

At the bottom of the Search blade is the option 'Save as a Smart Folder'  which allows you to search all your search criteria for re-use later. Once the search is saved it will appear as a starred folder in the Folders blade. To re-use, you simply click on the starred folder to run the search again.  

Note: The smart folder isn't created until you click to search.

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