When Emails are Sent

Agreement Express can send out many different emails for signers, publishers and those in between.

By default the following emails are sent:

- the signer(s) is informed of the agreements they need to sign (for multiple signing groups, each signer is informed when it is their turn to sign)

- those who were cc'd are sent a read-only link to the agreement with a copy of the message sent to the signers.

- when all parties have signed, everyone (publisher, signers and those whom were cc'd) is informed of the completion of the agreement

Additional Notification Options

- Reminders (Company level recipient reminders and future reminders)

- Company-wide notifications on agreement completion (specified emails would only be notified for every agreement completed under the company)

- PDF copies of the agreement can also be either included in all emails related to the agreement or just the completion notification

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