Overview of Sending an Agreement

The Agreement Interface displays the individual agreements you have access to. Here you will see agreements you are preparing to publish (send out for signing), view agreements to sign, and completed agreements.

Overview of the Agreement Interface

Overview of the Agreement Interface

Top toolbar

Top toolbar
  1. Set the language for Agreement Express content to display in.
  2. Save the agreement as a draft (or if the agreement has been published allows the signer save any information they entered into fields).
  3. Publish the agreement or if signing, commit your signatures.
  4. Option to save the agreement as a template (only if the agreement has not been published yet).
  5. Set what company to publish the agreement under.
  6. Toggle the Agreement Builder sidebar.

Left Sidebar

Left Sidebar
  1. Lists all documents part of the agreement. Includes both document requiring signature and non-signed attachments.
  2. Allows you to add additional documents to the agreement.

Agreement toolbar

Agreement toolbar
  1. Option to print a PDF copy.
  2. Allows the selected document to be removed from the agreement (before being published).
  3. Basic navigation between pages in the selected document.
  4. Set the zoom level of the selected document.
  5. Search for text on the document.

Agreement Builder

Agreement Builder

On the right side is the Agreement Builder split into the following:

  • How to Send a Document: Basic instructions on publishing an agreement.
  • Signatures and Form Tools: This section is for adding signatures and fields.
  • Request Additional Documents: Allows the publisher to request the signer(s) to attach documents during signing.
  • Instructions: The instructions that are displayed to the signer.
  • Email: Contains the email subject and message with some agreement settings.
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