Marking Non-Digitally Signed Agreements Complete

In some circumstances signers may choose to sign their agreements in a traditional wet ink fashion rather than digitally, however to keep your records straight you’ll want to update the agreement status in Agreement Manager as well as notify the other parties in the agreement that it is now complete. This can be done with Mark Complete. Remember that you can add any external document to an existing agreement by either browsing for it or attaching it by fax. If one of the parties signs traditionally it’s a good practice to add the wet ink signed copy to the digitally copy so that you have a complete agreement for your records in Agreement Manager.

Please contact Recombo Support for assistance enabling this feature.

Marking an Agreement as Complete

Marking an Agreement as Complete

Select the agreement(s) and click on the Mark Complete icon at the bottom.

In the new panel, enter the reason for marking the agreement as complete as well as your Agreement Express user password then click OK.

Note: Once an agreement has been marked complete, this cannot be undone.

You can tell what agreements have been marked complete through the Agreement Visualizer and by the information entered into the agreement details panel. In the Agreement Visualizer, agreements marked complete will appear with a orange checkmark above the document, instead of a green one, and only individuals who signed digitally will have green check marks above their icons.

When viewing the Agreement Details, you will be able to see who marked the document as complete, when they did and why. When you open the agreement, the unsigned signature blocks will still be displayed but can no longer be signed.

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