Report Options

Agreement Express offers a variety of ways to report on agreements in the system whether you would like an excel file or to simply view the report online.

Export to CSV File
If you would like an excel copy of the results of searches or agreements listed in folders, you can use the export to CSV file feature. This report does not allow you to choose which information to display.
Download Data
Download Data allows you to pull an excel report showing data that has been entered into all fields on the selected agreements. You can even select agreements with different fields on them; the report will simply display new headers when needed.
Process Monitor
A Process Monitor is similar to Download Data but allows you to view a customized report online based on a template. This report requires some setup but once done, you can easily search on entered field data.
BIRT Report
If you are looking for a report that cannot be covered by the above options, a BIRT report might be a great option. BIRT reports allow you to fully customize your report. For example, you could have a report show you the time it took for agreements to complete or all uncompleted agreements that are at least 3 days old. These reports can also be setup to display information based on user inputted constraints. Unlike the previous 3 reports, BIRT reports require setup by Recombo for an additional cost.
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