Copying Agreements

Sometimes after you send an agreement you realize you made a mistake or you need to send another agreement using the same document(s) to different signers. Instead of creating a new agreement from scratch you can use Copy Agreement to create a duplicate that you can then correct/change and publish. This feature allows you to re-use agreements already in the system, in any step of the signing process.

Select the agreement you wish to copy and click the Copy Agreement icon at the bottom.

Choose which aspects of the agreement you wish to copy by clicking the boxes next to the different aspects:

Form field data: Any data entered in fields will be copied.

Email Content: Refers to the subject and email message.

Replace Recipients: Allows you to update the signature blocks with different email address(es).

Signatures: Refers to all the signature blocks on the agreement.

Entire Package: If the document is part of a package you will have the the option to copy the entire package.

Attachments: If present, you can select whether to copy the non-signed attachments.

Any secure field data will not be copied for security and privacy reasons. If you do not select any aspect boxes to copy only the recipient email addresses and fields on the document will be copied. You will then need to fill out the email subject and body as well as add signature block to the document. If you select a document from a document package you will have the option to copy the entire document package or just the selected document.

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