Smart Folders (Saved Searches)

Smart Folders are essentially a saved search allowing you to quickly retrieve agreements based on a chosen set of criteria.

Creating a Smart Folder

Creating a Smart Folder

To create a Smart Folder, go to Agreement Manager and enter the criteria you wish to search/filter your folder with from the Search blade. In the above example we are starting with a search that looks for Completed Agreements. Any of the options in the search blade can be used for a Smart Folder.

Before you press the SEARCH button, click on Save as a Smart Folder and give your folder a name.

Your new Smart Folder will now appear in the Folders section below your agreement folders. The smart folder will display the name you provided with an asterisk beside to indicate it's a smart folder.

Did you know?

  • If you add a time period (eg. Last 30 Days) in your search you can create a smart folder that dynamically updates to meet that criteria. So for example if you selected "last 30 days" in your query anything older than 30 days will automatically be removed from the Smart Folder based on the day you open the Smart Folder.
  • Documents can't be removed from Smart Folders since they are based on search criteria.
  • Deleting a Smart Folder only removes the folder, it does not delete the documents themselves.
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