Agreement Express 12.3 Release Notes

Release date: June 15, 2016


Toolset Improvements

12497 Searching for templates just got easier

In the Flex template manager you can now search for a template by GUID or template name.

Both the GUID and template name inputs are loosely matched: they’re not case sensitive, and it does a "contains" search. 


10792 "div" parenting with fewer steps

Now when a div is manually configured, it will be stay behind all the widgets. This eliminates the previous bother of having to save and reopen the template for the div to take effect.



11497 Dynamically Generate 2 Page Inserts with Pie Charts

Now you can append a PDF populated with lookup table data - and a pie chart generated from that lookup table data. It can be appended to the end of any document in an agreement.

To do it, create a template that will be used as the base for the PDFs you want to append. Then:

-       Use template field rules to specify which document it should be appended to, and

-       what lookup table to populate the template with.


11465 Landing pages and the Transaction detail panel

Landing pages that have proceeded to signing will no longer be openable from transactions detail panel.

13273 Access Codes and Copying Agreements

Now when you copy an agreement with an attachment, an access code will always be generated.

13255 Name on Signer Notification emails

The name on signer notification emails will always update after rewind and change of signer.

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