Permissions related to Signing

The following permissions grant additional access:

CAN_REWIND_FOR_COMPANY Publishers and Company Admins can rewind agreements
CAN_REWIND_IF_SIGNER Signers can rewind agreements
CAN_VIEW_TRACKED_FIELD_CHANGES Publisher can view tracked field changes
CANCEL_AGREEMENTS Publishers and Company Admins can cancel agreements
CANCEL_COMPLETED_AGREEMENTS Publishers and Company Admins can cancel completed agreements
MARK_AS_COMPLETE Ability to mark agreements as completed
MASS_APPROVE Ability to sign multiple agreements without opening
CAN_OVERRIDE_DISABLE_PRINT User can still download PDF copies even if printing is disabled for the company

These permissions remove access:

CANNOT_ADD_TO_COMPLETED User cannot add attachment to a completed document
CANNOT_ADD_TO_PUBLISHED Does not allow attachments to be added once agreement is published
CANNOT_SAVE_AFTER_COMPLETED User cannot save agreement PDF after agreement is completed
DISABLE_PRINT_FOR_USER User cannot download PDF copies of their agreement
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